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Gammal 2019-01-13, 19:16   #1
Reg.datum: Jan 2019
Ort: Hamburg (Germany)
Inlägg: 19
Standard Demand for Swedish payware trains?

Hi Everybody,

my name is Tobi and I am the train developer of the german payware Company GBE. Sadly, I can‘t speak Swedish, so I hope English is ok.

At the moment, we are searching for new ideas for trains that we want to develop and we have the idea to develop a Swedish train. The reason is, that we like Sweden as a country and we think that the trains are very interesting. Our first idea for a swedish train Addon was the class X31.

Because it’s at the moment just a rough Idea, there are no plans on which level we are implementing the train. For example, we don’t know which protection systems we would implement in such a train. But All our German trains comes with PZB and Sifa.

Important is, that this is not an Addon announcement, it’s just a question if there is the demand in the Swedish Train Simulator community and what the community thinks about the idea. If there are good responses, we would like to develop a Swedish train, but not if nobody cares about it.

So what do you think about the rough idea?


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Gammal 2019-01-13, 19:22   #2
Reg.datum: Dec 2015
Ort: Åtvidaberg, Östergötland
Inlägg: 147

Hello sir! Yeah this does sound like an amazing idea! If you do have time, Please do it. I think the swedish community will love it!

Dear regards Kevpa
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Gammal 2019-01-13, 20:24   #3
Reg.datum: Jun 2009
Ort: Danmark
Inlägg: 1 093

Grüzi Tobi, schreibe jetzt meine Antwort auf Englisch damit die restlichen auch mitlesen können.

In the interest of the community, I think many would like to know more about your project.

Questions that arise within me for instance are:

- How much will you charge individuals for the product?
- Will it be backwards compatible?
- Will it be compatible with future versions of DTG simulators?
- Will you offer continuous support to your potential customers?
- Will you offer future upgrades?

Sweden uses a train protection system called ATC-1/2, but is in transition towards the european ERTMS/ECTS system.
The current ACTS-1/2 system has already been partially developed as freeware.

I hope this can help you and your company to shed some light on your ideas and help the community gain some insight into your intentions.

Kind regards

Senast redigerad av mikban den 2019-01-13 klockan 20:29.
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Gammal 2019-01-13, 21:03   #4
Reg.datum: Jan 2019
Ort: Hamburg (Germany)
Inlägg: 19

Unbelievable that here are German speaking people!

To your questions:

In the past our prices was always between 10 and 15 Euro. So I think this will be the Price range were a potential Swedish Addon from us will be.

Our trains are compitable with every version of DTGs TS20xx since TS 2012. so yes, it will be backwards compatible.

I don’t know what DTG will do with the TS20XX in the Future, but unless DTG do really big changes with the software our trains will be compatible with future DTG Simulators. but if they do changes that crashes our train, We will make of course updates that the train will be compatible again.
What I can say is, that the train will not be compatible with TSW, because this is a whole new game.

To your Update questions:
We try to publish a finish product. When there are failures and problems, we will make of course updates and fixes.

I hope, I answered all your questions And thank you for the information about train protection system.
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Gammal 2019-01-14, 04:37   #5
Reg.datum: Aug 2001
Ort: Stockholm
Inlägg: 389

X31 would be nice, I think the interest would be pretty high since the train is both in Denmark and Sweden and even the Danish RW users are waiting for this and they also have the Själland route to drive the train on
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Gammal 2019-01-18, 17:50   #6
Reg.datum: Dec 2015
Ort: Herning, Danmark
Inlägg: 27

I think that some of the most demanded trains for TS in Sweden (and Scandinavia in general) would be the following:

- SJ/DSB X31K (The danish community would also love this since the train runs in both countries)

- SJ X60 pendeltåg (runs in the Stockholm area)

- SJ X55

- NSB BM 73 (Norwegian train that runs between Norway and Sweden)
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