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Standard "The future of Trainz"

Spännande nyheter har i dagarna tillkännagivits om framtiden för Trainz!

Se även denna tråd:


Oct 26, 2013. The future of Trainz revealed

Here are the five 5 key components of today's announcement.
1. Mac and Mobile
2. TWOR - Trainz: World of Rail
3. Brand new game engine - E2
4. TANE - Trainz: A New Era
5. Kickstarter Project November 13

1. Mac and Mobile:
These platforms are a big part of our strategy in 2014 and products will continue to be upgraded with new products and new content coming in 2014 and beyond.

2. TWOR - Trainz: World of Rail:

STEAM game store exclusive release.
We are very close to releasing the beta version of TWoR (create a Steam account to be eligible).
Targeted primarily at the 53M gamers on Steam who haven't yet played a train sim (out of 54M total gamers registered).
TWoR is more casual the Trainz Simulator, more like Trainz Driver for iPhone.
Introduces Challenge Sessions - points scoring, more competitive gameplay, but also has Simulation Sessions for the more hardcore train fan.
Players earn points to rise through the ranks from Passenger to Master Controller.
Free to Play plus additional routes and sessions available through DLC

3. Brand new game engine - E2

Custom-built from the ground up to be optimized for train and rail simulation
Backwards compatible wit existing Trainz content.
Currently being integrated into the core Trainz code
Full world shadows, multi-core for performance, 64 bit, all the latest graphics techniques and shaders, enormous draw distance.
Development will continue to add more features.
Eventually all products - Mac, mobile, World of Rail and Trainz "mainline" will leverage E2

4. TANE - Trainz: A New Era

The extension of the Trainz Mainline incorporating the core elements of Trainz (Surveyyor, Driver etc)
Not an incremental update, but a huge leap forward
New engine for graphics and performance but also a lot more than that
Each system reviewed, evaluated and tested as part of the integration process
Complete physics overhaul plus new graphical tools for monitoring and adjusting parameters on the fly
PLUS Two of these Four features:

A: Procedural Animated Spline Junctions
B: Super-Elevated Track + Improved Cab Sway + Train Motion
C: Smoke and Weather Affected by World Objects
D: Interlocking Towers / Track Blocks (UK: Signal Boxes)
(Which two of these four is voted by you in the Kickstarter Project - see below)

5. Kickstarter Project November 13

Kickstarter is the worlds largest crowdfunding platform with 50,000 successful projects already
TANE Kickstarter Project launches on on November 13, 2013
Kickstarter is a place where creative industries like us and passionate fans like you work together to bring projects to life.
The project will be explained in full detail so you know exactly what you are getting.
Rewards range from $10 to $8,000 (most are $25-$90) - most include a full version of TANE, plus unique features like having your own high-poly 3D avatar in-game (so in effect, rewards are very much like a pre-order system)
Your task is simply to choose a reward level, and pledge your support towards the project.
If enough people pledge support and we reach our fundraising goal, we receive the pledge funds, we create and deliver TANE and you receive the product of your dreams.
If we don't reach the initial goal, no money changes hands.
We have done most the work already and this Kickstarter project allows us to raise the funds to add the final features, final polish and testing.
To reach our goal we simply need enough people to pledge their support.

Summary (Why Kickstarter? Why now?):

We are now within sight of the finish line - delivery goal in December 2014.
We have already achieved enough building the foundations to know we can achieve these goals.
These are not pie in the sky dreams but concrete plans.
The engine work is substantially complete, and we know exactly what you guys want in terms of features for TANE.
Kickstarter is the perfect way for us to deliver the product you have been dreaming of.
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