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Gammal 2022-11-26, 12:32   #1
Reg.datum: Feb 2015
Inlägg: 26
Standard About Kiruna-Narvik iron ore route add-on

Please forgive me here, I come from a far eastern country-a country in the Far East and currently only speak English. In any case, like as all of you, I am a loyal fan/player/user of MSTS and OpenRails programs, and a strong supporter of the MSTS and OpenRails projects.MSTS has been with us for many years and brought us a lot of joy. Today, OpenRails, as the successor of the MSTS program, can continue to carry forward its development and continuous improvement (that is, to improve its image quality, expand its operational functions, improve its realism and playability, etc.), it is really valuable.Let us all always support these two great simulator program projects. Here, I would like to ask you about the production of the iron ore heavy-duty electrified railway-Kiruna-Narvik (or Narvik-Gållivare/Yelivale-Luleå/Lileo) line. The key is that someone is considering or planning to make this famous heavy-duty iron ore transportation line in the Arctic. This is an electrified single-line heavy-duty railway line, currently mainly freight, driving the world's most powerful electric locomotive (IORE/MTAB's C0+C0 axle-mounted electric locomotive) pulling the world's heaviest iron ore. Freight train.This line-Malmbanan route has actually been implemented or produced as a third-party extension line content add-on package in DTG's Railworks/TrainSimulator201x program (currently it seems to be a Beta version). The producer is the famous NewS (I also want to ask here, is this a German?), Here, I wonder if you route building masters/geniuses/experts can try to port some of the wonderful sections of this line from the Railworks/TrainSimulator program to the OpenRails program (maybe you can also try (Porting some of the related landscape objects of the Railworks/TrainSimulator program to the OpenRails program), if this is not possible, or you can also try to use the TSRE5 program to make this iron ore electrified heavy-duty railway in Arctic Lapland.Of course, this will be a difficult project, but as long as you have continuous enthusiasm and tenacious will, as long as you can exert great ingenuity and perseverance in teamwork, etc., you will definitely be able to achieve or achieve this ambitious goal. No matter what, I am waiting for your reply here. Good luck!

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Gammal 2022-12-15, 17:17   #2
Reg.datum: Jun 2009
Ort: Danmark
Inlägg: 1 162
Standard Malmbanan Luleå - Gällivare - Kiruna - Narvik - Fagernäs

Dear Pinocchio,

the route in question, Malmbanan, has already been build in its entirty for OpenRails.

It is part of a lager route network stretching from Norway and Finland down through Sweden and Denmark to Germany.

At present the route, hence denoted as "Route Scandinavia/Stockholmsrutten" has not been released yet. You can however follow our progress on our youtube channel where we have several enroute videos you can watch!

Happy railing

Team Route Scandinavia
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Gammal 2022-12-15, 20:34   #3
Reg.datum: Aug 2001
Ort: Mölndal
Inlägg: 4 267
Thumbs up

Man kan knappt tro att det är sant, att MSTS kan se så här fint ut

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Gammal 2022-12-20, 16:35   #4
Reg.datum: Feb 2015
Inlägg: 26
Standard I suppose it's better that you can get the help from the former VBSR_8 ROUTE authors

I suppose it's better that you can get helps from the former VBSR_8 ROUTE authors - Mr. Jan Kristensen and Bjorn Lillpers,whom is the famous or great MSTS Norwegian route creators/builders/developers so far/till now when necessary (of course, this is an idea).
Specifically, it is:A letter to the distinguished route production master: Dear Master Jan Kristensen and your partner Mr. Bjorn Lillpers, I have heard of you for a long time. Thank you for reading this letter in your busy schedule.You are well-known masters in the fields of routes, rolling stock, and ancillary landscape objects. For many years, you have been working on the production of various types of routes, rolling stock, and landscape objects along the route for the field of simulator programs such as Microsoft Train Simulator programs. A series of add-ons, such as rolling stock and landscape objects along the route, have been produced. Your works have further enriched the extendable add-on content of related programs and improved their authenticity, complexity and excitement. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude and congratulations to you for your significant contributions to related fields!Your talents are especially admirable and admired.In particular, it should be pointed out that the VBSR_8 line and related landscape objects along the route and other types of add-ons that produced by you for Microsoft Train Simulator programs are known for their lifelike, detailed, diverse and exquisite in the world and related industries (especially the various types of related landscape objects along the route. There are many kinds, huge quantities, and realistic and detailed, high production quality, and impressive), which have brought us a lot of fun and exciting operating feelings. I am grateful again for your hard work, and we will always support your cause.Recently, on behalf of myself and on behalf of many enthusiasts and supporters of related procedures, I put forward a request to you. We believe that you will be able to complete it, and it should be able to be finalized.I would like to ask if you plan to further develop the Kiruna-Narvik single-line electrified iron ore heavy-duty transportation railway line under the premise of sufficient conditions or preparations.That is, I beg you if you can try to make some contributions to MSTS/OpenRails programs again. In other words, you can use the TSRE5 programs for making/building/creating/developing route and activity - the route and activity editor programs that makes routes and activities for MSTS/OpenRails. This powerful tool software makes Kiruna-Narvik about 160km long for MSTS/OpenRails programs, especially for this OpenRails program. This section of the line (or it can be further extended to Jerivale or even to Lillehammer, that is, Narvik-Kiruna-Jerivale-Lillehammer). European lines) and related rolling stock and landscape extension object plug-ins along the route, etc., Although this work may be more difficult, but with tenacious perseverance and reasonable planning and design, as well as uninterrupted work day and night, and effective error correction, improvement and update of upgrade testing methods, etc., you will definitely be able to complete this task.For example, specifically, you can first collect relevant geographic information, then plan and design rationally, and then carefully organize and implement the necessary follow-up testing and error correction, update and upgrade steps, etc., even if you only make the Kiruna-Narvik section of the line, after all, this can fill in the blank with it in related fields (Personally, you can roughly determine the approximate location and basic direction of the line in advance, and then go through careful planning or design to create topography or landforms along the route and build natural landscape objects (such as mountains, hills, rivers (including streams), lakes, plains, plateaus, Gobi). , Deserts, etc., as well as forest, meadow, shrub, pond and other surface vegetation landscape object types), and lay tracks and turnouts (including main and side lines and branch lines and other special lines, as well as various types of route connections or intersections-turnouts, etc.).In addition, there are embankments, road cuts, bridges and tunnels and other subgrade types), and then set up stations, signal machines (including signal signs), route signs (including speed limits, sirens and mileage signs, etc.), catenary pillars (including electrified railway catenary-overhead contact wires and insulators, etc.) and related artificial landscape facilities along the route (such as station buildings, platforms, level crossings, signal towers, traction substations and their feeder systems, telegraph poles (including high-voltage transmission line towers), lighthouses, overpasses, factories, warehouses, houses, towns, villages, trees, farmland , Pastures, roads and canals, etc.).Personal opinions are for reference only.I hope to correct it!).Moreover, in order to improve the efficiency of production and simplify the production process, shorten the production cycle and reduce the difficulty of production, etc., you can also try to use the ready-made part of the VBSR_8 line and related rolling stock and landscape objects along the route carefully crafted by you for the Microsoft Train Simulator program plug-in series works, after some re-production or update and upgrade technology processing, and then use it in the Kiruna-Narvik line produced, so that the quality of the plug-in can be continuously improved and on this basis, more types and quantities of landscape plug-ins required for the line can be produced, etc., which will help as soon as possible. Complete the task, ensure the quality of the route production, and see if this is feasible.If this can be successful or effective, it would be great, otherwise you have to use the TSRE5 route and activity editor programs dedicated to making routes and activities for MSTS/OpenRails to carry out work.In this way, work efficiency can be improved, production difficulty can be reduced, the production process can be simplified and the production cycle can be shortened.There are also the production of routes and the layout of landscape objects. We must also follow the main things, ignore the secondary aspects, and only make local areas along the route.In this way, it is used to improve work efficiency, reduce the difficulty of laying tracks or sets, etc. (Personally, this is similar to LODs' 3D object model production method or technical processing ideas/ideas, etc.).In other words, this can reduce unnecessary and invalid workload, improve work efficiency, and ensure the good quality of the work).In addition, we know that you also have your own work, family and other things, but in any case, I hope you can use your spare time to consider planning and producing and improving the OpenRails program for the Kiruna-Narvik electrified heavy-duty transport line and related rolling stock and landscape objects and other plug-ins. After all, this can fill in the blank with it in the relevant industry and once again win you praise and reputation. I hope you can think about it well. Thank you first-I would like to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt gratitude to you on behalf of all MSTS/OpenRails hobbies and supporters. I hope you can Live up to expectations, carefully plan/design, work hard, continuous and timely error correction, improve and enrich and perfect and finally complete this great work (and make it into a boutique line as much as possible), thank you again!And you can also organize a strong team to implement and be reasonably organized, have a clear division of labor, do your best, and carry out planning, design and production in an orderly manner. After hard work, you will eventually be able to succeed, and I also express my constant attention and support for this.Okay, let us contact when we have time.I am also looking forward to your reply, and I look forward to your ability to bring shocking operational experiences to OpenRails program enthusiasts and supporters.If you can plan reasonably, design carefully, and make continuous error correction and improvement, you will be able to finally complete this important task.Good luck!Good luck.goodbye

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Gammal 2022-12-20, 16:43   #5
Reg.datum: Feb 2015
Inlägg: 26
Standard Thanks for the reply from mikban

The information you have brought is encouraging and uplifting, and I am waiting for more good news from you about this. Thanks a lot for your great dedication and initiative. I think you are very great.

Senast redigerad av Pinocchio den 2022-12-20 klockan 17:08.
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