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Hi kenkari,

Thank you for the manual. It looks really helpful, but sadly I don‘t understand a word of it.😀😂 But I will take a look in it.

I reasearched a lot in the internet and on YouTube and I think I am able to made a basic working Swedish atc.

But I have a question to one thing.
I saw this video here:

At 0:55 first the left Speed indicator blinks and then a bit later the right One blinks. I don’t understand why. As far as I understand, the left one blinks when the speed should be reduced, because the next speed limit is lower the the current.
But why blinks the right one?
The left 7-segment is a preindicator that shows the next lower speedlimit and after 13 seconds it starts to blink and if you dont start reducing speed the ATC is going to brake for you.

The right 7-segment is the main indicator and when the preindicator turns off, the main indicator will start to blink and after that you have 8 seconds to reach the target speed and if you fail that ATC will put the train into emergency stop.

Here you have instructions in swedish, on page 20 you have information about ''monitoring of lower speedlimit''
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