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Hittade lite info om Unreal versionen i TSW
Den blir uppdaterad till ny version när Great Western Express kommer om 2 dagar.

TSW:CSX-HH currently uses version 4.14.3 . The latest Unreal version is 4.17.x. Whilst I don't expect TSW to be using the latest version I wonder whether it's been upgraded to use 4.15.x or 4.16.x. My primary interest in the version used is because later versions should help improve performance. The later versions also offer more features but it's unclear how many of these features will be relevant to TSW.

The core UE4 version has been upgraded to 4.16 and everyone will benefit from the improvements this version update brings when Great Western Express goes live. As we've alluded to previously, we'll be continuing to review Unreal Engine version updates and implement them on an ongoing basis as Train Sim World evolves where it makes sense to do so.

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