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Well.... A nice and sunny day with no slippery rails I guess that is ok numbers but how many days do we have that in a year? For me in sweden, not may days

It is Two things I miss. First how slippery it is and second how many axles the locomotive have.
I'm a trindriver and use Siemens new and really nice Vectron loco with something like 8600 Kw, 4 axles and a really nice anti slippery module cutting the traction on each axle if needed.

I also use the Class 66 Diesellocomotive with 6 axles and maybe 3000 kw. We have up to 1,6% slopes where I drive and both types of locomotives can haul 2000 ton without any problem.

In autumn when its slippery I prefer the Class 66 because it have 6 axles even if I only have the 3000 kw to work with. The extra two axles does alot for helping me take the slopes.
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