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TSW begränsas då dtg vill släppa rutterna till consol, som klarar mindre. Och lite lathet på det såklart. Tyvärr.
Enligt Matt så är det inte någon begränsning på konsolerna. Man kan göra dem hur lång som helst men arbetet att göra rutten är begränsningen.

Matt skrev detta
No, consoles don't limit the length of routes, only the area around you is actually loaded in to ram anyway.

What limits the size of routes is the sheer amount of time they take to make

There are a number of issues specific to CSX Heavy Haul because it was the first route that was made and was indeed made while TSW itself was being made so there were a number of approaches taken on various things that we now know to be less than optimal for the console platform (how tree's were done, how they were created, how locos were structured in their art form, how materials were made etc etc) and fixing that stuff is non-trivial once you've got a finished product.

Yes routes take quite a bit longer to create in TSW. The assets themselves have more detail to them - plus in TSW (well, UE4 really) there's the material setup to consider in addition to textures and the mesh. Placing the assets is done using tools that aren't that different to use compared to TS1 really, except there's more detail being added than was before. Once the art is down, all the platforms have "navigation mesh" added and customised to set up where passengers can walk - which was never done in TS1 because they could only walk on the fixed surface of the platform. Boundaries need to be added to control where player can go and to prevent the player getting stuck somewhere. Platforms also have their embark, disembark and passenger spawn curves set up, stopping boards are crucial to getting trains to stop in the right place too so they're now added. Must admit I can't remember the other steps but suffice o say there's a number of additional steps above and beyond the core route building steps also being more involved.

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