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Efter en tids byggande och lite testkörningar känns Bensland färdig att släppas här i STWs forum.

As there are some of us who don’t speak Swedish – I tell you a little about my project:

Long time ago, the small country of Bensland was founded. It’s a fantasyland somewhere between Sweden and Canada. It has only one railway that run around the country with start and end in the capital Benstad. See map here.

Bensland was built in the beginning with Trainz 2009 and has during the years been updated via TANE to latest Trainz 2019.

Why am I publishing Bensland?
There are some categories of Trainz users, I think. One are builders and one are drivers, and some are all of that. So, I publish Bensland to give more inspiration how to build and also another railway to drive. This railway is unique. I have not used standard rules that you find in the real world. Bensland has its own traffic rules with influences from the both countries, Sweden and Canada.

To see more about the Republic of Bensland, I recommend you to look into my book about BJ. Link to PDF-file: Bensland Route Book.
If you find Bensland interesting, you can download by links in the attached document: “Bensland Installation Instructions”. In the document there are links to all CDPs you need.

There is a session included with four trains in action. Two goes clockwise and two counter clockwise. You can just sit down and follow them, or try to create your own session.

Have a nice ride
Welcome to Bensland
Carl B. Staahl
President of Bensland
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Är president i Bensland. Ett land där ALLA älskar att åka tåg.
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